recent dinner table conversation...

Ryker shared his theories as to why Daddy is bald:

1) He shaved his head so much that his hair just gave up.

2) He didn't get in the shower often enough for his hair to have the water it needed
to grow.

3) He didn't get in the shower often enough and the awful smell made the hair weak.
Eventually it just died.

About this time, Daddy told Ryker to stop thinking so hard and use his mouth for eating. :) I thought they were all good theories.

Eventually the conversation picked up again and somehow, Ryker thought it appropriate to use the word penis. And it was perfectly appropriate to use the word penis but because it isn't the word we use around here, I was curious as to where he'd picked it up. It went something like this...

Where did you learn to use that word, Ryker?

At school.

Really? I asked, assuming it was on the playground.

Yeah. He replied. The teacher said, "Hey Class!" We were studying the letter P.


Yeah. We were circling all the things in the picture that started with the letter P.


No. Grandma was talking on the phone to Nurse Christy and I learned it.


Yeah. A man stuck a Q-tip in his penis and it was the size of a "trofical" fruit.

One of the hazards of having a grandmother who works for a urologist, I guess. As soon as I stopped laughing, I called Grandma.


The Fine Family said...

Thanks for the laugh. I needed it before the next snow storm. I love how kids get older and funnier :) Have a good rest of the week!

Michael and Shawna Thorington said...

Super cute - good for a laugh, that son of yours! Hope all is well on the east side. -S

Jennifer Davidson said...

Too cute! I came across your blog while at work... ssshhh... and did a lil' LOL at this story.