Three Things I Love About My Daughter

 Cousin Jenna (loved seeing you, girl!) made it clear that it would be SO WRONG not to list three things I love about my little Emerson. She turned three last week and I do plan on posting pics of her cute little princess party. But here is the thing - I simply can't narrow down the things I love about Em to just three. Six was hard enough. So please know, I love many many more things about my baby girl!

She is sugar AND spice AND everything nice. Truly.
She gives the very best kisses.
When her skinny arms are wrapped around my neck, all is well with the world.

I love you, sweet girl!

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Jenna said...

I am all about fairness ;) Happy late b-day Em! It was great seeing you and Ryan this last weekend. Looking forward to staying with you guys next month.

Log home living said...

Ahhh, sweet post mommy..those are pretty much the 3 that matter!