City Slickers!

I'm ashamed to say that I've raised a couple of city kids. Ryker and Em would rather hold lizards, pet snakes and play with cockroaches than get anywhere near a cow - or calf, for that matter. We recently took a field trip to what was once the Vanbatavia Dairy. Current owners have yet to remove the sign in the parlor with our name on it. It was difficult to convince Ryker to pet a calf and I doubt he will again. Ryan may have to give up the idea of Ryker showing steers at the fair and resign himself to raising rabbits. :) And after about five minutes, Em decided she could see everything she wanted from the back seat of our Yukon. She loves her western boots but sure ain't no cowgirl!


Log home living said...

Oh, I really chuckled at this! I think that being a city slicker with bunnies sure is a lot easier than making hay!