Seattle Rock-n-Roll

Some pics from our race on June, 26. Ryker keeps asking who won and I keep telling him I did. "No. Seriously, Mom!" He rolls his eyes and asks again, "Who won?" We had fun! This season alone, our Team In Training chapter (WA/AK) raised $640,000 for blood cancer research. And I heard rumored that The American Cancer Society makes over 1 million on an event of this size. We'll wrap up our first (but not last) experience with TNT this weekend with our Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Yard Sale Benefit. Big thank you "hugs" will be posted and mailed shortly thereafter. Thanks for all your help!

This last one was taken by teammate, Denise, at the victory party hosted by TNT. Just looking at it makes my knees ache and nose tingle from the scent of Icy Hot. I suppose it qualifies as our "after" photograph. You may or may not remember the "before" pic I posted. It is a mystery to me how the fat migrated up my thighs and found a comfortable resting place on my abdomen. :)


Rosalyn R. Tippett said...

You and Ryan look great in these photos.

Log home living said...

What a gorgeous couple with baby bump on that way!