Once again, Teresa worked like a crazy woman, preparing for a harvest party. She is the most energetic, hardworking Momma I know and I love her! Getting all the kiddos together in one place for a photo was a challenge. If they look disgusted it's because they were. We enjoyed dinner, games, storytime, pumpkin carving and trunk-or-treating. A big thanks to everyone who helped and most of all to Tee. She makes things happen!

There was more trunk-or-treating at Ryker's school carnival. I couldn't get Ryker and Brian to slow down long enough for a decent photo but caught this one as they climbed out of the cardboard maze for the 100th time. Thanks again to Grandma Marlene, for cute kid costumes. Princess Emerson was pleased as punch and though I didn't get a picture of Ryker with his "face" on, he was pretty proud of his Batman costume.

After all that Halloween, we felt a lot like this Jack-o-Lantern and it wasn't hard to convince the kids to pass up trick-or-treating. Instead we made milkshakes and popcorn, turned off all the lights and watched How To Train Your Dragon. It's a good thing because this pregnant Mama didn't need more chocolate!


Log home living said...

Em is such a beautiful princess! How did you happen to get a princess Kristi? -- I love your blog and all your posts on ours. You are beloved my dear friend~ by so many!