thirty things i'm thankful for...

1) faith and fellowship 2) miracles. i'm counting on at least one every day 3) my husband! who is still my hero and so good at loving me 4) a four year old boy who makes every day a zip-a-dee-doo-dah kind of day 5) a one year old girl who puts the color inside of my world 6) freedom 7) our home, my haven 8) peace during the storms 9) families who love, support and encourage us
10) especially our parents who love our babies as much as we do 11) good friends who encourage me and care enough to tell me when i'm wrong 12) health 13) modern medicine. hello epidural! 14) employment 15) camp trailers - i think 16) two boys, one grown and one not, playing tag around the living room 17) two boys, one grown and one not, collapsing on the floor in fits of giggles 18) that fuzzy right-before-sleep-time when secrets are shared 19) a four year old's sleep stories. they are so cool! 20) treadmills, what not to wear and queer eye
21) dirt, bugs and filthy hugs 22) i spy with my little eye 23) sleeping almost through the night 24) rain + bows 25) mammograms 26) freshly squeezed 34-B boobies. they humble me! breastfeeding a big mistake :-) 27) tj maxx, tuesday morning and kohls 28) on-line shopping, digital scrapbooking, e-mail and blogging 29) you 30) turning 30. glad i made it!


Rosalyn said...

Happy Birthday Kristi. Love, Rosalyn