walla walla '08

ryker was 7 weeks at his first convention in '04 and i was warned then, of a "mother's portion". and so it is...i've missed a bit of the meetings, being a mother. but what a miracle it is - that the portion is big enough! em had an ear infection this year and i was a bit discouraged and overwhelmed thursday eve but my outlook changed when i began to focus on what i was getting instead of what i was missing. a good lesson for me. ryker didn't relish his job of drying dishes until he learned that leota served root beer floats to all the little helpers. hannah, em loves you and we thank you. levi wasn't sure if his fourth grade teacher had prepared him for the task of setting up our tent but the "upmanship" was top-notch and it survived a doozy of a storm. basking in the glow of '08 and already looking forward to '09. (picures 4 & 5 by Jill)