our first frost

Okay, not really. But it is the first frost that has covered the rooftops and dusted trees with shimmering whiteness. It is the first frost that has me reaching for the sweater boots, sipping rooibos, leaning against the windowsill and watching it gracefully melt away. I love the first frost! Now I know there are some who don't have heat, can't afford blankets and sleep under cardboard. My heart goes out to such today and everyday! But if I were homeless, I'd walk to Palm Springs and so I'll say it again: I *heart* the first frost! It warms me to my toes, which all snuggled in my sweater boots, feel like 10 friends at a slumber party. ;) And btw, if you didn't catch All About Steve, you should. Terribly corny but still the movie equivalent of comfort food and even though Sandra Bullock's super cool boots can't touch my sweater boots, it'd go nicely with a first frost.

PS. Ryan hates sweater boots.

And one of these days I'll start posting pics of our last shindig in the RV and Halloween antics. But as you've come to expect by now, blog posts are anything but timely around here.

Happy First Frost!