Exceptionally bad football. WOWZA!

But we had a really great time with the Dickhaus family! And the kids LOVED getting to spend time with Larry, Mickie and Grandma Gertsie on the farm. Thanks to the Thompsons for taking such great care of the kiddos. Thanks to Jenna and friends for hanging 'round the RV. Thanks to Tom for a ride to the game. Maybe next time he'll even let us sit INSIDE the cab. :) Kidding, Tom! Thanks to Linda for introducing me to hot spiced wine. Oh Nellie. And thanks to the Dickhaus and Ross families for enduring 8 degree nighttime temperatures! WITH NO HEAT!! TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!!! You guys win the prize.

Dan, Ginny, Shannon and Brady made a delicious post game meal. We sat around the fire, roasted marshmallows, sipped hot chocolate and sang campfire songs. In our dreams! Actually, we shivered and huddled around the fire in an effort NOT to freeze our hineys off. It was fun anyway. Campfire songs next year guys! :)

Ryker, Em, Carter and Logan got a kick out of the college's wild animal research project.


Jenna said...

Thanks for the shout out! Both my friends looooved the jalapeno poppers (if that is what they are called...) can I get the recipe!? I'm not much of a cook and don't own a BBQ but I wouldn't mind giving it a whirl :)

Log home living said...

Well as you said my friend, bad football, but good friends and good food....forget the football, eh? love your blogs, esp Halloween--wow on the costumes!