Edwin Markham Elementary is a really cool place. Because we hover around 400 kiddos, we're able to throw some really great events that larger elementary schools are unable to pull together. It also helps to have involved, enthusiastic and creative moms AND dads. Ryan whipped up a pirateship bean bag toss for the annual Halloween carnival. The kids LOVED it, despite a few kinks that we quickly worked out before our own harvest party. I love this picture of Em and Finn. I wish I knew what had tickled them so.

For the record and in case you are interested, homemade is better but not cheaper. Ryker has wanted to make a robot costume for a long time. In fact, he drew the coolest plan and because I loved it so much, I put it away for safe keeping. :( It's sure to turn up sometime in the next ten years. Grandma Marlene did a great job with these costumes and if we'd arrived in time, they'd have won first prize in the costume contest. Emerson wanted to be a butterfly, a princess and a robot so she dressed as what else, Robot Butterfly Princess. Two days before Halloween she decided she'd also like to be a ghost but I couldn't quite figure out how to work that one in. Silly girl. Ryker was a Super Rocket Robot complete with fuel tanks and glowing flames. By far the most awesome robot ever imagined by a five year old!