Happy Birthday to Grandpa Tim!

 In honor of Donut Thursdays, we celebrated Grandpa's 61st with a donut cake. Nearly every Thursday morning, Grandpa Tim calls the kids, takes their order and then swings by for a donut breakfast. Ryker and Emerson love it. And they love their Grandpa Tim too!

Have so many cool pics to share...from the Harvest Season (yikes!)...from birthday parties...from Cancun. Gonna get right on that! Just as soon as I finish laundry, clean bathrooms and floors, plan an office Christmas Party, organize Ryker's classroom Holiday Party, Christmas shop...

Have an awesome Holiday Season! You probably won't be hearing from me. And because I know I'm no busier than the next girl, you're not going to be reading this blog until January anyway. :) May it be merry and bright!

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