Christmas Eve and morn...

I love Christmas Eve. Carly and Ashley made sure Ryker and Em were included in setting out goodies for Santa. I was happy to have found some really special Reindeer food. It was the magical kind and guaranteed to bring Rudolf and his team racing our way. I described the store I'd found it at in great detail (a unique little store specializing in all things Christmas) and Ryker hung on every word. Carly glanced at the tag, rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah. Like Pier One."

Well, what do you know? Santa found the place. And after three trips and hours spent unloading gifts, I'd guess he knows this home as well as his own.

Strange as it seems, Santa's elves can make kittens. They're exceptionally life like! Santa brought Ryker a Wii. He wanted to know what it did. Em first opened a gift of candy and it was all over for her. I noticed that my cousins got an awful lot of socks. What is that?!? I remember when Santa starting bringing me socks and for lack of a better word, it sucked. :) We had fun!!! Love, hugs and kisses to Grandpa and Grandma Good. We love celebrating in your home.