there's this blog i love

a couple of years ago, around the time i started this blog, i ran across ree drummond of the pioneer woman's blog. you know, it was on a friend of a friend of a friends blog roll. i've been reading her ever since and aspire to keep the hubs and kids deliriously happy with good home cooking as ree does. i aspire to take beautiful pictures as ree does. however, i do not aspire to sing as ree does. i especially enjoyed ree's "confession" today. i love her particular brand of narcissism, she makes me laugh and well, i love cowboy colloquialisms. farmers use them too. dairy farmers especially. in fact, by the time i was 16, i'd been told i was useless as tits on a boar hog so many times that on my birthday, i drove myself down to the local ranch store and applied for a job, never to work on the farm again. i showed 'em a thing or two! (translation: they were glad to be rid of me.)

check her out, if you haven't already (she only has some several million viewers). who knows, you might find yourself making this for dinner tonight. take it from someone who would NEVER order a burger - they're divine!