St. Patty's Day Race

No matter how hard I train and how hardly Ryan trains, he will never let me beat him. I'm convinced he has some kind of homing device planted in my shoe that signals when I'm getting near. Just when I'm sure I'll catch him, he takes off (fueled by stubborn pride, I assume). We both finished this weekend's 10K race under 60 minutes, which was our goal. But barely, as evident in the pictures. I was happy to have ran the whole way but need to shave a half minute off my current pace of 9.5 min/mi in order to finish Seattle's Rock-n-Roll 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours.

We are especially proud of Ryker, who entered his first race and ran his first mile. The United Way Leprechaun Dash is for ages 5-15 and so Ryker was not expecting to win. He ran most of the way, however, and was proud to have finished. Ryker thinks "smoking" Uncle Case was better than taking first place anyway. :) Ungrateful little bugger, I'd say, considering Uncle Case volunteered to coach him the whole way.


Rosalyn said...

Go RYKER! This is such a great shot.