Almost everything about our trip to California was awesome (we could have done without the tire slashing). Again, I loved La Jolla most. There is nothing like playing on a little beach, no more than 100 yards in length and accessible only by steps cut into the cliff wall, and having a family of seals meander up to sunbathe along side you. Em and I spent a long time observing the seals.

Ryker most enjoyed the stunt/comedy show at Knott's Berry Farm. In fact, his attempt to repeat the one-liners nearly drove us insane. I didn't get a chance to ask him, but I bet Jaden's favorite was the log ride at Knott's Berry. He talked Case and Ryker into it 7 times total. Cousin Jaden made our trip extra special! I love the over-the-shoulder pic I snapped of Case and Ryker during the last drop.

Em loved everything about Sea World, even though she was too short for the Raging River. Shamu's show was strangely anticlimactic. For some reason they cut all the best parts - like trainers swimming with killer whales!?!

Everybody loved swimming in the resort pools.

Thursday nights in Palm Springs are a big deal! Grandpa and Grandma make early reservations at the Pizza Kitchen in order to dine on the patio while watching a street fair take shape. The street fair in Palm Springs is not to be described. You just have to experience it.

Ryan especially liked helping the kiddos into their pjs in the early evening before taking me out to dinner and having Fred and Carol's lovely condo all to ourselves. No pictures of that! ;) Thanks a bunch you two. Big hugs!!!


Anonymous said...

of COURSE your time in cali was awesome! :) too bad i missed ya. you were like right in our neighborhood. :)

Shawna Thorington said...

Great pics. Looks like a great time!